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After Eight Years, NYC Plants its Millionth Tree

After Eight Years, NYC Plants its Millionth Tree [US Department of Agriculture, Flickr]


New York City's ten-year plan to plant a million trees is coming to an end--two years early. The Million Trees NYC program is planting its millionth tree on Wednesday, October 21.

Former mayor Michael Bloomberg first announced his plan to plant a million trees in New York City back in 2007. At the time, it sounded like a lofty goal. And according to Deborah Marton, it really was just that.

"No other city in the states has accomplished that goal," Marton said.

Marton is the executive director of the New York Restoration Project. She said the project's main strength was the partnership it forged between her own organization and the parks department.

"I think the reason we did it is that we recognized that that kind of public-private partnership was necessary," she explained.

And she said the community benefits are priceless.

"Having trees on your street improves your life," she said. "It just does."

Marton said the work isn't not done though. The parks department and the Restoration Project plan to stay busy maintaining their growing green spaces for many years to come.