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Bloomberg Opens A New Kind Of Probation Office In The South...

Bloomberg Opens A New Kind Of Probation Office In The South Bronx
A new program in the South Bronx aims to help ex-offenders rebuild their lives and stay out of trouble.

In an effort to reduce recidivism rates in New York City, Mayor Bloomberg officially opened a new, specialized probation office in the South Bronx.

It is the fourth Neighborhood Opportunity Network, or Ne0N, to open in a high risk area of the city.

The offices work with community organizations to better connect those on probation with educational, health and financial resources.

Probation Commissioner Vincent Schiraldi said the offices also feature bright colors to make those on probation feel more at ease.

“By redesigning this space and changing our approach to working with our clients, we are altering our low expectations that this waiting room screamed of in its former incarnation,” said Schiraldi.

The waiting rooms, or Resource Hubs, in these NeONs feature greeters, computers designed to help clients find local resources, and visits from representatives of neighboring community groups.

The first NeON opened in Brownsville, Brooklyn last year.

The Department of Probation said it will add more of these offices in the Bronx and other boroughs in the upcoming months.