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Bloomberg Touts Lower Manhattan "Renaissance"

mrdoubtfire, flickr


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Tuesday reflected on residential and economic growth of Lower Manhattan just days before the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

New York City's Mayor Bloomberg called the rebirth of Lower Manhattan over the last ten years one of the greatest comebacks in this nation's history.

In a speech Tuesday before the Association for a Better New York, the Mayor said the area has transformed into a bustling community featuring new schools, restaurants and attractions. 

The Mayor said its growth gives hope for the future.  "Lower Manhattan will continue to grow as a neighborhood, as a business district, as a creative community, and as a destination for visitors."

The Mayor also said Lower Manhattan has nearly doubled its residency since the attacks. 

"The biggest cuts in crime, the biggest growth in population, and the biggest investments in commercial development, all happened right here in lower manhattan," Bloomberg said. 

The Mayor added since 9/11 the NYPD has built a strong anti-terrorist operation to keep New Yorkers safe.