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Bronx Carwash Workers Vote to Unionize

Bronx Carwash Workers Vote to Unionize
Immigrant car wash employees want higher wages.

Workers at a Bronx car wash have voted to unionize. They're the second group of New York City car wash workers to join a union.

The Webster Carwash voted 23-to-5 on Saturday to join the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union.

Last month, workers at Astoria Car Wash and Hi-Tek 10 Minute Lube Inc. voted 21-to-five to join the union.
Most of the workers at the two car washes are immigrants.
Webster Carwash is owned by Lage Management Corporation, which owns several dozen carwashes. They have faced numerous wage lawsuits and investigations.
The New York Times said no manager was available for comment on Sunday. In the past, Lage Management has denied allegations of wage violations.