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Bronx Zoo Egyptian Cobra Continues to be M.I.A.


The Bronx Zoo's Reptile House has been shut down For days, and there's still no sign of the missing cobra.

It’s been nearly a week at the Bronx Zoo, and there’s still no sign of a missing Egyptian cobra that got loose. 

Tim Harrison, an exotic animal expert, has worked with cobras for years, and said he’s not surprised the snake has gone into hiding.  

Since it went missing, the infamous “Bronx Zoo cobra” has captured national attention, and even attracted a major following on Twitter.  However, Harrison said these cobras aren’t as big a “threat” as people might think.  He credits a lot of the hype to pop culture. 

Though their venom is lethal, Harrison said these cobras don’t pose a big threat to humans unless they’re instigated.  “We’re giants compared to them, so they’re going to stay away from us” said Harrison.  Yet, the Bronx Zoo isn’t taking any chances though.  Its “reptile house” will be closed to the public until the cobra’s found.

The missing cobra doesn’t seem to be phasing too many public schools either.  The D.O.E. said there haven’t been any requests for school trip cancellations to the zoo since the cobra went missing.