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Bronx Zoo Introduces Baby Aardvark To The Public


A three month old aardvark made his first public appearance today at the Bronx Zoo.

Officials at the Wildlife Conservation Society say the first baby aardvark to be born there had a rocky start in life--he was neglected by his mother and needed round-the-clock care from staff since his birth in September.

Zoo staff bottlefed the aardvark and slept in the same room as him to make sure he was alright during what, said curator David Powell, is a very dangerous time for a baby aardvark: "One of the things you have to worry about is that the mother will accidentally step on the baby while running around, or roll over onto the baby in its sleep."

While he's not sleeping, Hoover spends his time digging burrows and clinging to his mothers side. He now weighs a healthy thirty pounds and continues to grow at a very rapid pace.