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Carwash Owners File Lawsuit Against NYC Over New Rules

Carwash Owners File Lawsuit Against NYC Over New Rules   (Photo: Karolina Grabowska.STAFFAGE, Pexels) 

A group of carwash owners have filed a lawsuit against New York City charging a new law illegally favors unionized carwashes.
The Association of Car Wash Owners lawsuit centers on rules that require owners of nonunionized carwashes to post $150,000 surety bond before obtaining a license. Unionized operations pay only $30,000.
The association says the two-tiered system is illegal.
Association attorney Michael Cardozo tells The New York Times the rule gives those who have collective bargaining a competitive edge.
He says "governments can't put their thumb on the scales of whether a company should unionize or not unionize."
The city Law Department says it will review the merits of the complaint but believes the law serves to protect low-wage workers.