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Citymeals-on-Wheels Faces Setbacks After String of Storms


The not-for-profit agency needs help to weather another winter storm.

This season, New York's Citymeals-on-Wheels program has had a rough time, between a blizzard and two other major snow storms.

The not-for-profit organization provides daily meals to nearly 16,000 elderly New Yorkers—and part of the way the group does this is by stocking up on non-perishables in preparation for winter.

But executive director Marcia Stein says the larder is getting bare: "We are now at the point where we've got enough for one more storm. But we would not like to bet that between now and the end of March, we're only going to have one more day that's bad for these people to get out.”

The organization is reaching out to local restaurants to help them through the next winter blast.

Citymeals has raised about $7,000 in its current fundraising campaign.