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Con Ed Prepares for Rising Temps


Con Edison says it's prepared for the heat.

As temperatures continue to rise, Con Edison is warning of scattered outages, but says they’re ready to take on the heat.  

The utility says extra crews and personnel are standing by as the demand for electricity is expected to break all-time records this weekend. 

Meanwhile, Con Edison spokesman Chris Olert says customers can take steps to help themselves and others.  “Con Edison has a design system where any two major pieces of equipment or systems could fail and still keep going with no customer impact.”  He adds that by conserving, New Yorkers can keep the electricity flowing reliably from their homes and businesses.  Con Edison recommends customers set their AC’s to no lower than 78 degrees and turn off lights when possible.

Meanwhile, the city says it has about 500 cooling centers open throughout the five boroughs.  They’ll remain open through Saturday.

The city’s Office of Emergency Management is warning the elderly or people with a chronic health condition to stay out of the heat.

The Associated Press contributed to this report