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Decade of MTA Signal Inspection Failures Revealed


The City Council is investigating a decade of false signal inspection reports from the MTA.

A decade of Inspector General reports by the MTA has years of fudged reports.

The City Council held a hearing Thursday to investigate the issue. The fake reports haven't led to any accidents, but they could have caused subway delays.

Councilman James Vacca said that although there are many safety measures in place, fake inspections are still unacceptable. "We will not sacrifice one inch of our right to have safe public transportation" said Vacca. He thinks the MTA gave workers requirements that were hard to meet, and as a result, they cut corners.

The Manhattan District Attorney's office is investigating the matter. Vacca said the MTA is now going through a re-inspection process and the transportation committee will continue to play an oversight role in the issue. A follow up hearing will be held in six months.