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Disbelief From Seniors on Weiner's New Sexting

Disbelief From Seniors on Weiner's New Sexting
Many Call His Behavior Embarrassing and Sleazy

Retirees at a New York senior center where Anthony Weiner announced his retirement in 2011 after admitting he sent racy messages and photos have had enough.

Many of the elderly attendees of the Council Center for Senior Citizens in Brooklyn said Weiner's latest sexting scandal is embarrassing and sleazy. Others defended their longtime former Congressman.

Their reaction comes after the married Democrat said Thursday he traded racy messages with as many as three women after resigning from Congress in 2011 for similar behavior. He said he was "working with people" to get help but disputed that his penchant for X-rated online flirting amounted to an addiction.

Weiner has insisted he will stay in New York City's mayoral race. A new poll released Thursday showed he has fallen behind a top rival.