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Dylan LeBlanc: 2016

Dylan LeBlanc at WFUV

Dylan LeBlanc at WFUV (photo by Kristen Riffert)



Louisiana's Dylan LeBlanc grew up as the son of a musician and surrounded by rhythm and blues. LeBlanc's previous albums were successful and self-produced, but for his third record, he found himself at a crossroads. He turned to old friends John Paul White of the Civil Wars and Ben Tanner of Alabama Shakes to produce what became his new release, aptly titled, Cautionary Tale.

Hear a beautiful in-studio performance from LeBlanc and his band for this edition of FUV Live. I also had an honest and open conversation with LeBlanc about the struggles that followed his early success: his desire to quit music, overcoming addiction, and how he finally found a disciplined way back to his songwriting.

[recorded: 2/3/16]