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ESPN’s Buster Olney Joins One on One

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Baseball Analyst Weighs in on Recent Biogenesis Scandal

Nolan Silbernagel and Matt Rosenfeld sat down with Buster Olney of the ESPN family of networks and asked him all questions regarding the recent suspensions of players tied to taking performance enhancing drugs.  Olney gives his take as to whether or not this past Monday, which was when 12 players were suspended for taking PED’s, was a good or bad day for baseball, if he was surprised only Alex Rodriguez appealed the suspension, and if he expects the penalties to get tougher against players using PED’s.

Olney also gave his opinion on whether Yankee fans should boo or cheer on A-Rod throughout the rest of the year, whether the disgruntled third baseman or the MLB has more to lose during his appeal process, and what he thinks about A-Rod being allowed to play the rest of the season.

Listen Below.

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