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First Listen: Indians, 'Somewhere Else'


On his first full-length album, Danish singer and multi-instrumentalist — and WFUV/TAS CMJ showcase alumnus —  Søren Løkke Juul, who goes by Indians, masters a kind of quiet adventurousness.  Listen to Indians' Somewhere Else, to be released January 15 on 4AD, streaming via WFUV and NPR Music.

The Danish singer and multi-instrumentalist who goes by the name Indians, a.k.a. Søren Løkke Juul, makes music that retains its intimacy even as it seems to sprawl out into space. On his first full-length album, Somewhere Else (out Jan. 29), he masters a kind of quiet adventurousness; it's remarkable headphone music that reaches both the heart and the loneliest reaches of the heavens.

Juul began performing as Indians in February 2012, and put out his first single even more recently than that, but he's already cultivated a delicate and distinct sound. He hits a few familiar indie-pop reference points as he works his way through Somewhere ElseBon Iver's wounded melancholy, The Shins' sweetly soaring grace — but Juul still finds a way to swirl them all together, seal the mix in a time capsule and send it hurtling into the cosmos. — Stephen Thompson

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