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Fordham Business Students Get Their Own Trading Floor

Fordham Business Students Get Their Own Trading Floor
University Unveils Renovated Building with Updated Technology

Stock-trading just got easier for market-minded students at Fordham University's Gabelli Student of Business.  Fordham officially opened the new home for its undergraduate business school on Thursday in the Bronx.  The building now hosts classrooms, offices, and a trading room on its first floor with over 40 computer terminals outfitted with the latest business and stock-trading software.  Assistant Management Professor Benjamin Cole has already been using the resources.

"One of the great things about having this room is that it can act as a hands-on lab.  The students are working on a project that utilizes various databases to access data for their presentations, so we've done that in class before."  

Among other services, students can get access to realtime stock market data.  Cole said there was no way to do this in his old classroom.   

Gabelli School Dean Donna Rapaccioli says students will benefit from the new resources.

"One of the ways that our students can distinguish themselves is to be comfortable with technology.  So getting students comfortable around these types of programs and this technology gives our students a leg up."

Fordham spent two years and $38 million gutting a 120-year old residence hall to host the school.