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Fracking Sites Fertile Ground for NY Candidates

Fracking Sites Fertile Ground for NY Candidates
Astorino and Hawkins visit, Cuomo stays away.
Trips to Pennsylvania drilling sites are emerging as a political pilgrimage for candidates for governor in New York as politicians and voters wrestle with fracking.
Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins opposes hydraulic fracturing for natural gas and last week toured drilling sites in Pennsylvania to highlight what he says are negative health and environmental impacts.
Republican Rob Astorino supports fracking and plans to visit a fracking operation this month - to show what he says are the economic benefits.
Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, meanwhile, is steering clear of the issue. A long-awaited decision on whether to allow fracking in New York has been delayed until after the election. Cuomo says he wants to see the scientific evidence before weighing in.
Polls show New Yorkers are nearly evenly divided on fracking.