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FUV Five Favorite Concerts: Marshall Crenshaw

Lucky Marshall Crenshaw counts Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Wonder concerts among his legendary favorites.

During the 2014 FUV fall member drive, we're shining a spotlight on live concerts and performances. The FUV on-air staffers compiled individual lists of five memorable and marvelous shows that have stayed with them over the years, for one reason or another.

Marshall Crenshaw's Five Favorite Concerts (Host of "The Bottomless Pit")

1. Gary Lewis and The Playboys, Michigan State Fair, maybe 1966 or 1967:
My first time seeing a big-time national-touring rock act. Gary had a great band with Jim Keltner and Carl Radle, a James Burton disciple named Tom Triplehorn on lead guitar. And Gary himself was really good, very engaging.

2. Jimi Hendrix, The Soft Machine, The MC5 and The Thyme at Masonic Auditorium, Detroit, 1968:
Do I even have to say anything?

3. Stevie Wonder, Pine Knob (shed-type joint), somewhere in Michigan:
It was just before "Innervisions" came out. See above (do I even have to say anything?)

4. The P-Funk All-Stars, The Ritz, NYC, 1984 or '85:
We had a VIP table, dead center of the balcony. That balcony was bouncing. The show was basically an acid flashback set to really superb music.

5. Hank Snow, Grand Ole Opry, a couple times during the '80s:
Have never seen or heard anything better than this.