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Gov. Malloy Proposes CT Budget

Gov. Malloy Proposes CT Budget
Spending increases, but no new taxes

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy outlined his proposed $43.8 billion dollar budget for the next two fiscal years.  Malloy said there are no new tax increases, but there is 5 percent growth in yearly spending.  

Among other things, the budget would slash local property taxes on vehicles, which would save families about $560 million dollars a year. 

There is also an increase for school aid. This includes a $152 million dollar increase for struggling school districts. Governor Malloy says the state needs to support education at every level.

"We can also do some things to make sure we reach our kids as early as possible--quality early childhood education is one of the best investments we can make to close our achievement gap," the Governor said.

Malloy called it a "day of optimism," but Republican Senator Rob Kane wasn't so sure. The Governor said, "living within our means," "being transparent," "being honest" -- none of which did I see with this budget proposal.

The budget now heads to the legislature.  The Democrat-held State Assembly will present its own spending proposals next month.