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Group Harmony Review

Take a trip back with Dan Romanello.

Note: After 35 years on WFUV, Dan decided to retire and the March 4, 2018 edition of Group Harmony Review was his last show. (Read his farewell message to fans.)

With a broadcast history of over 50 years on WFUV, Group Harmony Review is the nation's longest running rhythm and blues radio program and considered the style-setter for dozens of show that have followed in its wake.

Since its inception as The Time Capsule Show, the program, under the guidance of various hosts, has provided listeners with a historic perspective on a style of music that has become an American art form.

Today Dan Romanello carries on the tradition of spinning records from the early days of R&B, as well providing background on the artists who put rhythm and blues group harmony on the map. The show not only features original recordings from the 1940s and '50s, but occasional live performances and interviews with the singers who made them.