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Hidden History of Queens

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons


Some historians travel far and wide to uncover the fascinating stories that our ancestors have left behind. But for author Richard Panchyk, the fascinating stories he wanted to share weren’t so far at all.

A proud native of Elmhurst, Queens, Panchyk had always been interested in the borough he has called home. On this week's "Cityscape," Sunday at 6:30 a.m., a conversation with Panchyk about his new book, Hidden History of Queens.

He discovered many complex narratives that still run through the veins of his beloved borough. Panchyk shares that many authentic structures and locations have rich backgrounds and stories, if you’re willing to take a closer look.

From rare Newtown Pippin apples to old Revolutionary War buildings, we learn that Queens has a lot to reveal about the people who once inhabited New York City’s largest borough.