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Investigators and Child Specialists Team Up on Most...

Photo Courtesy: New York City Administration of Children's Services [@ACSNYC twitter]


The New York City Administration for Children's Services is rolling out a new protocol to deal with the most vulnerable and complicated cases of child abuse. When a young child is injured and the incident is reported to ACS, it can be hard to find out what happened if the child is too young to talk. That's why ACS is stepping up its efforts to give these cases more attention. If a child is three years old or younger, a team will be formed immediately to handle the case. 

Susan Morley is the Senior Adviser for Investigations, and the former commander of the NYPD Special Victims Division. She said getting child specialists and investigators to work together is a game changer.

"The difference is, we're picking out the cases we think are the highest risk and putting them on the top of the pile," she said. "We are combining the dual lens of child protection experience with law enforcement experience, putting them together up front, as a team, throughout the investigation."

More than 750 investigations ave been conducted under the new protocol since July.