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Isaiah Austin Finding Work at NBA's Summer League

Former Baylor standout learning about the world of broadcasting

Marfan's Syndrome is doing all it can to slow former Baylor Forward Isaiah Austin, but it can't halt his pursuit of a career in basketball.

Austin will be at the NBA's Summer League in as Vegas until the 16th of July as an Intern with NBA TV. “It’s been fun," Austin told WFUV, in between signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. "I’m doing a lot of different things. I've been interviewing, been working with Bleacher Report a little bit. I'm really just getting to know TV broadcasting.”

The 20 year-old found out just days before June's NBA Draft he won't be able to play basketball again. He was selected by the NBA midway through the first round, and Commissioner Adam Silver offered him a future job, while Baylor has extended him a standing coaching offer

"Right now my main focus is to go back this fall and get my degree," said Austin of his future plans. "I’m probably going to take that coaching job - I’m considering it right now while I’m still in school.”

As for some other ex-Baylor Bears, they've left an impression on their former teammate.

"I think Cory [Jefferson] is gonna make the Brooklyn roster," Austin predicted. "He played well in Orlando, and then Quincy [Miller] was killing it yesterday. Pierre [Jackson] can ball, he’s just a little bit hurt right now. He’s gonna get through it.”

As for a career in broadcasting, he said he's not committed on one. He's just enjoying taking in all that the industry has to offer. He'll get to enjoy more of his ex-teammates tomorrow afternoon in Vegas, starting at 1:30 with Brady Heslip and the Minnesota Timberwolves.