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John Fox: Leaders Need to Step Up

John Fox: Leaders Need to Step Up
Broncos head coach says big players need to make big plays Sunday.

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox has Super Bowl experience. He lost the big one with the Carolina Panthers in 2003. 

Fox spoke to the media Friday in a joint press conference with Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. Fox said to hold the Lombardi Trophy, the big names have to be leaders. 

"You can’t do it by yourself as a coach," Fox said. "It takes leadership in that locker room."

Those leaders include quarterback Peyton Manning and cornerback Champ Bailey. 

While Fox stressed the importance of key players, he also said a lesser known player will make a significant impact.

“There always seems to be the unknown guy that makes a critical play,” Fox said. “Whether it’s in the kicking game, lord knows, where it’s going to come from.”

The coaches were both asked what they admired about their opponent. Fox said he had respect for the Seattle defense, and Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said he admired the Broncos' offense.