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John Grant - FUV Live - 2013

John Grant performs an FUV Live show, tonight at 7. Here's a preview from the FUV Vault.



In the early '90s, John Grant formed the Denver based group The Czars. The band enjoyed a fair amount of success and critical acclaim, but they never sold enough records to keep keep the project going, so the band eventually dissolved in the early 2000's.

John took some time off from music but came back to it a few years ago when he released his solo debut, Queen Of Denmark. He's now on his sophomore solo release, called Pale Green Ghosts. The album is deeply personal, delving into some very tough subjects but it never becomes overwhelming due in large part to the dark humor he infuses into the lyrics and the musicality of the songs.

I had a really fascinating talk with John about how music fits into his, at times, tumultuous life. John also brought in a full band to play some songs from the new album and you can check out the videos of those performances here as well. 

[recorded: 04/24/13]