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Kevin Devine: 2017

Kevin Devine in Studio A (photo by Sarah Burns/WFUV)

Kevin Devine in Studio A (photo by Sarah Burns/WFUV)



We’ve been fans of Kevin Devine for many years now. He’s a prolific artist who’s been releasing music for about 15 years. He’s collaborated with multiple artists through his Divinyl Splits project, where he released songs with artists like Matthew Caws, Meredith Graves and Cymbals Eat Guitars. Devine has also released music with Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra as Bad Books.

Kevin is now up to his ninth solo release and it's another great collection of songs. It’s called Instigator and on this episode of FUV Live, I'll talk with him about the making of the album and he'll play a couple of the new songs live too.

[recorded: 3/23/17]