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Kids Helping Kids

The Yankees honored the Southern Boulevard School on Aug. 19 as part of their seventh annual HOPE Week. (Drew Casey: WFUV Sports)


This is the fourth of WFUV Sports’ six piece special on the New York Yankees’ 2015 HOPE Week.

Schools often teach their young students to give back at an early age.

However, it rarely happens.

But that’s not the case at the Southern Boulevard School in Chatham, New Jersey.

Inspired by HOPE Week, the school’s principal, Robert Gardella, created a similar initiative at the elementary school 40 miles from Yankee Stadium.

Students have collected school supplies, have made weekend snack kits for low-income children and have made holiday hope chests for children in shelters in the past.

The Yankees honored the school as part of this year’s HOPE Week and jointly collected school supplies outside the Stadium on Aug. 20.

Bench coach Rob Thomson, outfielder Carlos Beltran, shortstop Didi Gregorius and starting pitcher Luis Severino all participated in the event.

Additionally, an ice cream party was held following the day game, a Yankees 4-3 win against the Twins.

To hear about the events of the day and more about the school, please listen to the full audio feature by pressing play below.