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Klein: NYC Day Care Centers A Danger

Klein: NYC Day Care Centers A Danger
According to Klein, day care centers have racked up more than 26,000 violations and most go unresolved.

Two New York State Senators say they're troubled by the state of New York City day care centers. 

Senators Jeff Klein and Diane Savino released a report Thursday after a three-year long investigation of over 2,000 day care providers.

The report found over 26,000 health and security violations. Violations include the use of toxic cleaning supplies, deteriorating facilities, and a lack of safety features like window guards.
Senator Klein said he was especially concerned by the lack of employee background checks, "There was no way to be able to tell whether or not an employee in one of these day care centers had a criminal past, or even worse, a history of sexual predator status."
Senators Klein and Savino also introduced legislation that would require day care centers to make their violation records publicly available.
“We can’t allow repeat offenders to get away without so much as a slap on the wrist,” said Senator Savino. “Posting the latest inspection report at the entrance of every day care center will get these operators to clean-up their act—after all, advertising a laundry list of threats to children’s safety isn’t a great way of attracting new families.”
According to Senators Klein and Savino, since 2008, not a single New York City day care center has had their operating license suspended or revoked.
According to the report, Brooklyn has the highest number of day care violations, or 11,743 since 2010. That was followed by Manhattan, which had 5,575 over the same period of time.
WFUV's Justin Hyland contributed to this story.