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Larkin Poe: 2015

Larkin Poe with Eric Holland (photo by Sarah Burns)

Larkin Poe with Eric Holland (photo by Sarah Burns)



Sisters Megan and Rebecca Lovell breezed into FUV's Bronx studios as if light was reflecting off of them from the autumn sun.  They are a delight. Quickly tuning up and getting down to business, the Lovells, who record as Larkin Poe, performed as a duo with no touring players. They turned in a stellar "Stubborn Love" on the first take. The second song was a new one, "Trouble in Mind," and they ran it through twice when Rebecca declared she preferred the latter as it had more 'tude!

During this session for FUV Live, the sisters explained why they are called Larkin Poe, how they forged a rewarding relationship with Elvis Costello, and what a phone call from T-Bone Burnett begat. They also spoke about the difference between a dobro, lap steel, and pedal steel.

[recorded: 11/16/15]