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Mets GM Says Dealing Prospects is a Possibility

Mets GM Says Dealing Prospects is a Possibility
Alderson said he would consider a trade, but willing to wait till winter for better deals.

The future for the New York Mets continues to look bright as unveiled its list of the top 100 prospects which included five young Mets. Noah Syndergaard is the highest Met on the list, and the other four below him are all position players.

With young talent at both the minor league and major league level, the Amazin's have some attractive pieces to use in potential trades. General manager Sandy Alderson has to understand that fans of the ball club are anxious to see their team break the playoff drought that extends to 2006, and he said a deal involving prospects is a possibility. 

"I wouldn't rule [it] out," Alderson said before Monday's game against the Philadelphia Phillies. "But it has to be the right time, for the right player, in the right circumstances."

Rumors have been flying all over the internet with potential trades that the Mets may or may not make before the July 31 trade deadline, and many outlets have speculated that the front office is working behind the scenes to acquire Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki or outfielder Carlos Gonzalez

Jacob deGrom has been a great surprise for the Mets, and with Zack Wheeler and Matt Harvey a big part of the future rotation, Syndergaard could find himself wearing a different uniform come August. 

Bartolo Colon is another pitcher that has come up in trade rumors, but his contract nets him $11 million in 2015, and other clubs probably don't want to pick up a large chunk of the bill for a 41 year-old. 

Alderson has stayed quiet when asked about possible trades for Colon, but said it might be better to wait for the colder months to deal the veteran. 

"One of the things you do at the trade deadline, or as you go through the year, is you try to assess whether a player's value will go up or down," Alderson said. "I think [Bartolo] Colon is one that could go up in the offseason, rather than down."

If Alderson believes Colon is a more attractive piece in the winter, Syndergaard seems the more likely to be dealt this summer.