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New Jersey Works to Clean Up from Irene

CBGB_Hoser, flickr


The Garden State is cleaning up even though flooding continues.

It's a dirty job, but around New Jersey, everybody's got to do it.  


Even as floodwaters continue to rise in some communities, most flooded rivers in New Jersey are receding.

And that means homeowners, tenants and business owners are starting the daunting task of cleaning away the muck and debris left by Hurricane Irene.

In Lodi in Bergen County, the Saddle River flooded its banks Sunday and left hundreds of bottles and cans in Fabio Berni's liquor store covered in muck. Berni hopes to open by Thursday.

Up the street, Susan Laughlin's house was devastated for the second time in six years, leaving her wondering if it's time to pack up and move.