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New York Health Department Releases Neighborhood Health...

New York Health Department Releases Neighborhood Health Profiles

[Photo: Kansas Guidry, WFUV News]  

The life expectancy of residents in Brownsville, Brooklyn is eleven years shorter than residents in the financial district. That's according to a new report by the New York Health Department which provides community health profiles for every neighborhood in the city. 
The report looks at a wide range of factors including access to healthy food and school attendance to provide a more comprehensive picture of health in New York. It's the first time neighborhoods have been assessed like this in nine years. 
New York Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett said where you live has more impact on a person's health than access to health care. 
"We want people to understand that neighborhood factors have a bearing on health and these profiles have a rich array of data on factors about the neighborhood," she said.
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said this data will help when coming up with new public policy. 
"Today's roll-out was a diagnosis, now we must move with a treatment plan," he said.
The profiles for other neighborhoods will be released in the next few weeks.