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New Yorkers Celebrate the Presidential Inauguration

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A number of viewing parties were held around New York City

The gym at Democracy Prep High School was filled with nearly 1,000 people who came out to support President Obama's second term.  Shauna Mark-Odinga, who came to the event with her family, says she has high hopes for the next four years.

"When I look across this room I see hope, I see strength, I see power, I see peace," said Mark-Odinga. "I feel like all of the energy will go into president Obama's second term."

Fellow New Yorker Greg Packer said he is just as excited as he was four years ago.

"Even though I'm not in Washington like I was four years ago I'm just happy to witness everything in New York."

The events in D.C. were broadcast over two giant screens in the high school's auditorium.