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No Seriously, Meet the Matz

Steven Matz

Mets pitcher Steven Matz had a record-setting debut on Sunday (Matt Moro : WFUV Sports)


The Mets have had quite a few power arms debut in the last four seasons. Matt Harvey, Zach Wheeler, Jacob deGrom, and most recently until this weekend Noah Syndergaard. So 24 year old Steven Matz had quite a bit to live up to.

So what did Matz do? Only have the best offensive debut of any Met of all time. Matz went 3 for 3 with 4 RBI, becoming the first Mets player to ever record 4 RBI in his first game. Oh and he pitched into the 8th inning as well, picking up his first win in a 7-2 Mets victory.

"[Jacob] deGrom said it good," said Matz when asked if he could draw the debut up any better than it went. "He said 'You've got a couple home runs, a couple strikeouts, a couple hits, you did it all today.'"

The home runs deGrom was talking about came from the other side, as Cincinnatti's Brandon Phillips hit a leadoff home run and Reds third baseman Todd Frazier would hit his 25th homer of the year later on, but those two pitches were the only ones Matz would want to forget on the day. Besides the solo shots he only scattered three other hits while striking out six.

The day was most memorable however at the plate. Matz even said that his double, which was hit first major league hit in his first major league at bat that also gave him his first two career RBI was the moment that would stick with him. But Matz' day at the plate will not just be memorable for him. Matz not only set the Mets record for most RBI in a big league debut, but he became just the 11th major leaguer in the last 100 years to record 3 hits and 4 RBI in their debut.

"It's awesome," said Matz. "I love hitting so it's pretty cool to have that record."

Another part of the day that will stick with Matz was being able to debut in front of his friends and family, as he grew up in Stony Brook, NY on Long Island. "Everybody was here," said Matz, who grew up rooting for the Mets. "There was like 130 people here. It was great to be able to make my debut at home."

Matz said he could definitely hear the many hometime supporters and that his debut certainly lived up to his own expectations. "It definitely matched [what I thought it would be]," said Matz. "You're whole body is just tingly out there with the crowd and how big the stadium is so it was really cool."

In terms of what Matz was able to do in his debut one person who was not surprised was Mets catcher Johnny Monell. Monell had caught both Syndergaard and Matz this year in the minor leagues and had seen what they both are capable of. "Like I said about Noah, the sky's the limit for this guy too," said Monell. "The kid's special. I'm happy he's on our team."

So are Mets fans.


To hear Steven Matz's full postgame press conference, listen below.