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NYC Bill Would Ban Credit Checks in Hiring, Firing

NYC Bill Would Ban Credit Checks in Hiring, Firing
Legislation failed last year when introduced to the council.

New York City Council members are considering a bill that would prevent companies from using credit checks in employment decisions.

   The bill's chief sponsor, Councilman Brad Lander, said Friday that job seekers should be judged by their qualifications, not by whether they have enough money to pay their bills.

   Lander spoke at a hearing of the Council's Civil Rights Committee.

   Backers of the bill said the use of credit checks discriminates against job seekers whose credit has suffered because of student loans, medical debt or foreclosures.

   Lander introduced the bill last year but it did not pass. Forty of the current 51 Council members are sponsors this time.

   Mayor Bill de Blasio's counsel, Maya Wiley, told the committee the mayor supports the legislation but may favor some exemptions.