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NYC Maintains Ferret Ban

NYC Maintains Ferret Ban
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New York City's Board of Health decides to keep the ban on owning ferrets as pets.
New York City's Board of Health's voted to maintain a long-standing ban on keeping ferrets as pets. 
Advocates with the Ferret Club of New York City recently challenged the city's ban on ferrets, but to no avail.
The city has long defined ferrets as potentially dangerous wild animals. But club founder Isis Vera says they make great apartment pets. 
"Really it's a very general prohibitive ban for the animal, and even people who own ferrets now don't understand why it's still in place," Vera says.  "There's cat people, there's dog people, and there's ferret people!"
Vera says many ferret supporters are disappointed with the outcome.  She says the club will continue efforts to get the ban lifted.