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NYC Public Advocate Sees Improvement in "Worst...

NYC Public Advocate Sees Improvement in "Worst Landlords"
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Six months after a list naming bad landlords comes out, the Public Advocate says she's seeing improvements.
Six months after New York City's Public Advocate released a list of the city's worst landlords, Letitia James said she's seeing improvements. 
With reporters huddled in the stairwell of 14 E 125th St in Manhattan, a plumber arrived on scene to make repairs.
Resident Sandra Johnson said this has been a long time coming.She often doesn't have working pipes or hot water. She said her walls are covered in lead paint and there are no working smoke detectors. Johnson's lived here for almost 30 years. Her building is 17 on a list of about six thousand with the most housing violations, 359 in total. She said she's grateful for the Public Advocate's efforts. 
"For the last six months, I had people who cared about me and my grandkids," Johnson said. 
The Public Advocate said her office will continue to hold the city's worst landlords accountable for their actions.