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Pin Man Gets Ready For Game Five

Pin Man

Pin Man is ready for the final game of the year at Citi Field. (Tara Sledjeski : WFUV Sports)


Nick Giampietro of Howard Beach is not just a season ticker holder, but one of the most recognizable Mets fans at the ballpark. "Pin Man" as he's known (and as the back of his pin covered jersey labels him) has been adding pins to his jersey for nine years. Now he says he has over 5,000 pins at home, approximately a lucky 280 of them being special enough to make it to the game with him.

Giampietro chatted with WFUV Sports' Matt Moro about how "Pin Man" started, his relationship with the fans, how he's amassed so many pins, and of course his feelings on tonight's game.

Click play below to listen to Giampietro talk before the Mets take on the Royals in Game 5 of the World Series.