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Queens Assemblyman Calls for an Amended Bill to Protect...

Assemblyman Rob Kim joined by South Asian Cab drivers at news conference in Queens.


Assemblyman Ron Kim's bill would increase the punishment for assaults on Taxi drivers from a misdemeanor to a felony. He says attacks by passengers on drivers are on the rise. Kim says, "National anti-immigrant sentiments and the expansion of companies like Uber and Lyft, throughout the state of New York, is like the perfect formula for more crimes to occur against drivers." 


Harkirat Signh, a Sikh yellow cab driver in NYC, says he was assaulted this past Saturday after picking up four passengers in Manhattan. Sing says he's glad lawmakers like Kim are on his side. "I want to give the message that we are all equal are equal and there is no difference between the colors [of one’s skin], and we are to respect each other."


Sing says he was punched in the arm after the passengers refused to the pay their fair. He says one of the passengers tried to break his meter before he called 9-11.