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Question of The Day: "Is Greed Good?" (For the...

Gordon isn't hedging that you'll come up with great songs for Wall Street's birthday

On a splendid May morning in 1792 in the Old City of New Amseterdam, The New York Stock Exchange was founded by brokers meeting under a tree in the then-bucolic setting that is now Wall Street.

Could the tri-cornered hat-wearing, clay pipe-puffing dudes in clogs and knickers known what they were unleashing?  Even Gordon Gekko couldn't have called that one.

Ante up this morning with songs that would make Gordon Gekko smile.  Or blush.  Or take his blood pressure again.


The Songs:


10CC: Wall Street Shuffle

Talking Heads: Wild Wild Life

Liza Minelli & Joel Grey: Money (Cabaret Original Soundtrack)

Jimi Hendrix: All Along the Watchtower