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Report Finds NYC Libraries Need Longer Hours

Report Finds NYC Libraries Need Longer Hours
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Libraries are pushing for extended hours to serve community
New York City public libraries are open an average of less than 45 hours a week. That's according to a new report by public policy think-tank Center for an Urban Future.
David Giles with the center says more and more people rely on libraries these days. And he doesn't just mean for books. Giles says libraries are key resources for people in need of services like English language classes and job training workshops. 
"But when they have to keep the doors closed for so long, few people can access those. Particularly working people who may not be able to get into the library until the evening or on the weekend, and it's in the evening and on the weekend that the libraries are closed."
Bronx resident Hillory Okeke's a working New Yorker who's also trying to further his education. He says he comes to the Bronx Library Center on Kingsbridge Road, because its the only one around with late hours. 
"It starts at nine and closes at nine, so it's a very good time to study."
Libraries are calling on the city for more funding to ensure longer hours.