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Ryan Adams - FUV Live at Electric Lady Studios - 2014

Hear an FUV Live show with Ryan Adams tonight at 9.



Ryan Adams and his band performed an extensive set for FUV at the legendary Electric Lady Studios in the West Village. Ryan has worked at Electric Lady before, but his new, self-produced and self-titled album was recorded at his own funky studio called Pax Am. The performance debuted some new songs and revisited a few from his vast catalog, and the band is on point at every step, going from strident riffs to open-ended jams with Ryan in fine voice.

About halfway through the set, Ryan introduced the interview segment with a spontaneous theme song for me (!), and that was only the start of a revealing and entertaining look into the head of Ryan Adams. It's clear he is a pop culture sponge, as our conversation references sativa, D-batteries, dreadlocks, the Millenium Falcon, SuperGrover, Bob Mould (who was in the audience) and insights about pinball from an apparent expert on the subject.

[recorded: 9/9/14]