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Second Annual Bronx Day in Albany Promotes Small Business...

Second Annual Bronx Day in Albany to Promote Small Business Growth
Bronx elected officials will lobby lawmakers in Albany today to support small business growth in the borough.

This is the second year New York State Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj's organizing what he calls Bronx Day in Albany.  He says the event gives guests and lawmakers a chance to meet one another to discuss any concerns for the borough and boost Bronx pride. 

Gjonaj says this year's all about getting more resources from Albany to support small business.

"They can help create a small business environment where we aid small business," he said.  "They are the ones that make a community so vibrant."

Gjonaj says state committees will run workshops for businesses to outline healthcare reform and promote economic development.   But it's not all work and no play.  Assemblyman Gjonaj says there will be plenty of Bronx flavor and entertainment to enjoy throughout the day, from Latin dancing to Italian desserts.

"Our pastries are second to none, and I'd challenge the borough of Brooklyn to a cannoli contest any day of the week," he said.