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Sunday Supper: Golden Anniversary, Part 3

Richie Havens (photo by Jean-Marc Lubrano, courtesy of the artist)

Richie Havens (photo by Jean-Marc Lubrano, courtesy of the artist)



I wrap up my Golden Anniversary retrospective with radio memories of some of my favorite artists who've passed on. There's John Lennon in 1974 talking about a possible Beatles reunion; Lowell George just two weeks before his death in 1979 explaining how the name Little Feat came about; Jerry Garcia on the Grateful Dead and social change in 1983; Rick Danko singing a bittersweet "Twilight" four months before his death in 1999; Dave Carter performing an eerily prescient "When I Go" with Tracy Grammer a mere four days before his in 2002.

In addition, there’s Leon Russell recalling studio sessions with B.B. King, Odetta on her place in the folk music history and Oscar Brand talking about the young Bob Dylan. And speaking of Dylan, we also hear Richie Havens, almost exactly six years after his passing, with a colorful story of his performing "A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall" before an anonymous Dylan in a Greenwich Village coffeehouse.

We miss them all, but we’re thankful to have those highlights in our memory!

[Full version aired 04/21/19]