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Thank You, Dan

Dan Romanello (photo by Gus Philippas)

Dan Romanello (photo by Gus Philippas)


Dan Romanello has announced that the March 4, 2018 edition of Group Harmony Review (heard Saturday night/Sunday morning at midnight on WFUV) will be the last for the program. For 35 years, Dan has made it his mission to preserve the 1950s R&B vocal group sound, including its roots in the 1940s and its transition into the 1960s.

Launched in 1963 by Fordham University students as The Time Capsule, the program evolved into The Rhythm 'n' Blues & Rock 'n Roll Vocal Group Harmony Review, which was eventually shortened to Group Harmony Review. Dan joined in 1983 as one of four host-producers and he has carried on the tradition ever since — spinning records from the early days of R&B, as well providing background on the artists who put rhythm and blues group harmony on the map.

From our General Manager, Chuck Singleton:

“This is the end of an era. Group Harmony Review has been our longest-running program and, in fact, the nation's longest-running rhythm and blues radio program. Dan has always been a champion not just of vintage R&B, but of WFUV in general. He is a national treasure, and truly irreplaceable.”

We will have information soon on what will be heard in that time slot after March 4, but in the meantime, savor these last few shows — either live on WFUV or on-demand after they air in the Weekend Archives.

And, thank you Dan.