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Tony Reali Returns to His Roots

Reali came on the One on One Halftime Show to reveal a big surprise. (Anthony Pucik: WFUV Sports)


I have known Tony Reali for 18 years and the nicest thing I can say is that he has not changed one bit since I first met him in 1997.  Always willing to give back and help the current students, he is one of our kindest and nicest alums.

As many of you know by now, Tony is returning to his WFUV roots this Thanksgiving Saturday to broadcast the Fordham-Manhattan basketball game starting at 4:55 on 90.7 and

Prior to joining ABC and ESPN, Reali was a sportscaster for WFUV.  From 1997-2000 he was a voice of Fordham University football and basketball as well as host of New York City’s longest-running sports call-in show, One on One. As a station beat reporter, he covered the New York Yankees, Mets, Giants and Jets.

Below is an article by Tony expressing his feelings about this special broadcast.

By Tony Reali

Couldn't be more excited to call Saturday's Fordham-Manhattan game for WFUV; it's Thanksgiving and family is coming home!

Hosting Around the Horn and calling a basketball game aren’t too different. There’s lots of points and lots of yelling and you always have to be ready for the unexpected- whether that be a reverse dunk coming of a stolen inbounds pass or anything coming out of the mouth of Woody Paige. I just have to remember not to press the mute button on anyone Saturday.

Without WFUV there’s no ESPN or Good Morning America for me.  I wouldn’t be Pardoning Interruptions or going Around the Horn. I’d still have a mute button but it wouldn’t be plugged into anything. My roots are WFUV and the lessons I learned still teach me today and drive me through every broadcast on ESPN and ABC.  

The last time I came back to call a game for WFUV was nine years ago. Spero Dedes and I were on the mike for Fordham-Charlotte as part of an ‘Alumni, Welcome Home’ event.  Spero had just called Kobe’s 81 point game and I had just muted my 81 thousandth sportswriter.  I remember thinking 5 minutes into the game, this Dedes character might have a future in the business.

WFUV remains a force of nature in the broadcasting business. To have ties to Vin Scully and Marty Glickman - the two greatest broadcasters of all-time - is part of it.  But the reach, now, is astounding.  I won’t name all the voices or networks because there are too many and it would take forever- but the fact is: you can’t watch a sport or turn on a broadcast and not feel the presence of WFUV. I’m honored to be part of its past, excited for the present that is Saturday, and look forward to working with -and listening to - all the talent that will become the voices of the industry in the future.     


Click below to listen to the halftime interview with Tony announcing his return to the WFUV airwaves