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Trees Suffering From Intense Heat


Young trees, like some recently planted for the Million Trees NYC Campaign, are suffering.

In scorching summer heat, trees provide relief from intense sun, but what about the trees?

They're in need of some relief too, especially younger trees that haven't had time to adapt to their surroundings. Trees recently planted as part of the Million Trees NYC Campaign could be in danger.

Morgan Monaco, director of the campaign, said that with the temperatures the city has faced this past week they need help getting the trees watered. "We want New Yorkers to see these street trees as an extension of their community, and therefore, help to look out for them during these really critical, hot summer days," she said.

The trees planted as a part of the initiative come from farms and, Monaco said, need three to five years to adjust to the change in their surroundings and "establish themselves." Until then they really feel the negative impacts of the heat.

The Parks Department provides free training and tools to anyone looking to help take care of the trees. Watering tips can be foun on the campaign's website. Monaco suggests fifteen to twenty gallons of water a week when there's no rainfall.