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UKNY for June 16

Vanishing Twin (photo by Elliott Arndt, PR)

Vanishing Twin (photo by Elliott Arndt, PR)


London-based Vanishing Twin has an international pedigree, scattered between Belgium, Japan, Italy and England — and the band easily slips between genre boundaries too. Its driving force is multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter Cathy Lucas, whose own backstory is filtered with ghosts; the group's latest album, The Age of Immunology, delves into that haunting as well as the world's uncertain future, with a febrile imagination.

I'll get to something from Vanishing Twin's excellent new album tonight on UKNY at 11, as well as more global releases from the magnetic Zambian-born and Melbourne-based Sampa the Great; the soulful New Zealand and Australian-raised, London-based Jordan Rakai; and the shape-shifting Tuareg collective Tinariwen, who traveled through southern Morocco, the Western Sahara, and Mauritania to record their forthcoming album, Amadjar.

Plus, something for Bloomsday today and since the second season of the BBC and Amazon Prime's "Fleabag" is too astonishing not to mention (really, glancing at you), a set inspired by that game-changing TV series too.

That's UKNY from 11 p.m.-midnight on 90.7 and streaming online, also available in the Weekend Archives after broadcast.

Songs played:

1. Sacred Paws, “Life’s Too Short,” Run Around the Sun
2. Vanishing Twin, “Magician’s Success,” The Age of Immunology
3. Kate Bush, “The Sensual World,” The Sensual World
4. (Zambia-Australia) Sampa the Great, “Final Form,” single
5. Black Midi, “Talking Heads,” Schlagenheim
6. Pet Shop Boys, “West End Girls,” Please
7. Real Lies, “North Circular,” Real Life
8. (Athens, AL, US) Alabama Shakes, “This Feeling,” Sound & Color
9. (Bronx, NY, US) Crumb, “Nina,” Jinx
10. The Soft Cavalry, “Dive,” The Soft Cavalry
11. (Tessalit, ML) Tinariwen feat. Micah Nelson, “Taqkal Tarha,” Amadjar
12. (NZ, AU, and UK) Jordan Rakei, “Mind’s Eye,” Origin
13. Ezra Collective, “You Can’t Steal My Joy,” You Can’t Steal My Joy