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Weather Threatening Tonight's Home Run Derby

The Home Run Derby participants are hoping that the weather holds off for tonight's contest in Cincinnati. (Drew Casey: WFUV Sports)


CINCINNATI- Amidst steady rain, tornado warnings and travel nightmares, the 30th Home Run Derby is in danger of taking place tonight.

Since mid-afternoon, the weather has been far from pleasant in the "Queen City." At this afternoon's press conference, Reds third baseman Todd Frazier summarized the situation simply, saying that there's nothing that anybody can do about the weather. At the same time, he and all the participants hope that the competition will take place tonight.

It was also mentioned that the Derby could take on an abbreviated format due to weather, but noted meterologist Jim Cantore in a message to MLB said that he expects the event to take place tonight.

To listen to the full Home Run Derby press conference, please press play below.