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Why Tuesday’s PED Report Means Absolutely Nothing

Flickr | Keith Allison

A-Rod, Gio Gonzalez, Nelson Cruz reportedly received steroids in Miami

A report Tuesday in the Miami New Times names Alex Rodriguez, Gio Gonzalez, Nelson Cruz, Bartolo Colon, and Melky Cabrera as steroid-users. For Cabrera, this isn’t really news. The other four, though, would be in hot water – if this was a very legitimate revelation. Rodriguez, who said he stopped ‘roiding years ago, could be exposed as a user more recently. Cruz and Gonzalez, stars in Major League Baseball, could suddenly have their careers tainted. The thing to remember here is that this is all hypothetical, because nothing will ever come of this.

Whether you choose to believe the story about these five is up to you. The Miami New Times spent three months investigating this company, and when the company closed, an employee of Biogenesis of America gave records of use to the newspaper that were nothing more than scribbles on wide-ruled paper. All of the company’s records were hand-written. This, coupled with the fact that the owner of the company has disappeared, means that no suspensions or voiding of contracts will come of this. While there were interviews with several employees, who confirmed PEDs were in play, no players were directly implicated.

The only thing that can come of this would be the denial of Alex Rodriguez into the Hall of Fame, and potentially the future denial of Gonzalez and Cruz, should they excel in the rest of their MLB tenure. To be honest, Rodriguez’s electability was in question before this whole fiasco. Afterwards, I’m not sure it changes. There is a big difference between the prior revelation (he also admitted to it) and the current piece of lined paper that alleges A-Rod as a more recent user.

Taking steroids, or cheating in any way, is unfair and should have no place in the game of baseball. The truth is, many players cheat and have cheated. Rodriguez was named on a list of 100 players who were guilty of cheating years ago, and he was the only one to face the music. Is that really fair? If 100 people get pulled over speeding, and only one gets a ticket, is that a just process? Not to come to his defense, because he is a cheater, but it’s not right to judge only the handful of juicers as evil when hundreds of others have gotten away with it.

All these players can do now is deny it, and they’re very wise to do so. Rodriguez has issued a statement, and Gonzalez’s father said his son was “as clean as apple pie”. There will never be any proof of this use, at least in this specific case, unless the owner of Biogenesis of America is found. Even then, he’d have to rat his clients out, something Barry Bonds’ trainer Greg Anderson had a tough time doing.

For now, we’ll have to see if any of these five will be affected by this report. My guess is they’ll treat this report like the piece of paper it is, crumple it up, and throw it in the trash. Rodriguez, Cabrera, Cruz, Colon and Gonzalez may have (Colon and Cabrera did) used as recently as a few years ago, but this allegation made in today’s Miami New Times will not do anything to take away from the standing they have with their current teams.