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Within These Walls

(Illustration by Hailey Morey for WFUV News)


What if your whole world just existed within 4 walls? 

Our homes provide us with comfort unlike anything else. They welcome us after a long day of work. They are where we yearn to be by the end of a vacation or business trip. We personalize them in ways big and small; we make them our own. Home is a familiar space where we find privacy from the outside world. But what if you could never leave your home? What if you were unable to walk out your front door? This is the reality for over two million people in the United States.

Within These Walls tells the story of people who can’t or don’t leave their homes for a variety of reasons. They’re homebound. Some have been bound by age or illness, and others by their thoughts. You’ll also hear from the people and organizations who pay special attention to homebound populations. We’ll explore the relationship between ourselves and our homes, and how it may change when leaving just isn’t an option.